Service with a Smile (1934 film)

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Service With a Smile
Directed by Roy Mack
Written by Eddie Moran
A. Dorian Otvos
Starring Leon Errol
Maxine Doyle
Herbert Evans
Marie Wells
Harry Seymour
Frank Darien
Billy Bletcher
Music by Leo F. Forbstein
Cinematography Ray Rennahan
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date
  • July 28, 1934 (1934-07-28)
Running time
17 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Service With a Smile is a 1934 Vitaphone short comedy film released by Warner Brothers on July 28, 1934 in the three-strip Technicolor process ("Process No. 4"). The release of this film, and the Warners release Good Morning, Eve! (released August 5), predated the RKO Radio Pictures release La Cucaracha, also produced in three-strip Technicolor, by a few weeks.[1]


Leon shows off his new "deluxe" service station, complete with golf course, food service, and a staff of "chorus girls" pumping gas.


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