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Seth Lewelling (1820 – 1896) was a pioneer orchardist from the U.S. state of Oregon, best known for developing the Bing cherry.[1] Lewelling's brother Henderson Luelling came to Oregon from Iowa in 1847, bringing fruit trees in his wagon.[1] He established an orchard in Milwaukie, and Seth and their brother John came to Oregon and joined the business in 1847.[1] Seth became the sole owner of the business in 1857 and developed many new varieties of cherries, rhubarb, grapes, and golden prunes.[1] Among the cherries he developed were the Lincoln and the Black Republican.[1] As the names he gave to his cherries might indicate, Lewelling was also involved in the founding of the Oregon Republican Party.[1]


Seth Lewelling is one of the 158 names of people important to Oregon's history that are painted in the House and Senate chambers of the Oregon State Capitol.[1] Lewelling's name is in the Senate chamber. Seth Lewelling Elementary School and the Lewelling neighborhood in Milwaukie are named for him.


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