Seven 2 One

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Seven 2 One
Seven 2 One poster.jpg
Directed by Danny Pang
Produced by Danny Pang
Alvin Lam
Written by Danny Pang
Thomas Pang
Starring Elanne Kong
Pakho Chow
William Chan
Stephanie Cheng
Siu Fay
James Ho
Gary Chiu
Chrissie Chau
Izz Tsu
Wylie Chiu
Jeremy Tsui
Katy Kung
Cinematography Chan Chi Ying
Edited by Curran Pang
Universe Entertainment
Distributed by Universe Films Distribution Company
Release date
  • 5 November 2009 (2009-11-05)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Seven 2 One (simplified Chinese: 关人7事; traditional Chinese: 關人7事 is a 2009 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Danny Pang.


Convenience store clerks Chrissie (Chrissie Chau) and Katy (Katy Kung) decide to get back at their sleazy manager Leo (Leo Chim) by having their friends pose as robbers and hold up the store, but events escalate out of control into murder. What started as an elaborate prank sets off a butterfly effect of crime, consequence, and desperation as more and more people get pulled into the mess.


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