Severinus (consul 461)

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Flavius Severinus (fl. 456-461) was a Senator and a politician of the Western Roman Empire.


He probably was of Italian origin, as attested by an inscription,[1] and held a noteworthy position during the 450s.

As told by Sidonius Apollinaris,[2] Severinus held some offices under Emperor Avitus (455-456), then participated to Emperor Majorian's campaign in Gaul against the Visigoths (458). As Majorian wanted to please the aristocracy of both Italy and Gaul, he choose Severinus as consul for the year 461. At a banquet at Arelate, described by Sidonius, Severinus was the second most important person, after the Emperor.


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Preceded by
Flavius Magnus,
Flavius Apollonius
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Flavius Dagalaiphus
Succeeded by
Libius Severus Augustus,
Imp. Caesar Flavius Valerius Leo Augustus II