Seymour River (Shuswap Lake)

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Seymour River
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Source Monashee Mountains
Mouth Shuswap Lake
 - location Seymour Arm
 - elevation 324 m (1,063 ft) [1]
 - coordinates 51°14′19″N 118°57′30″W / 51.23861°N 118.95833°W / 51.23861; -118.95833Coordinates: 51°14′19″N 118°57′30″W / 51.23861°N 118.95833°W / 51.23861; -118.95833 [2]
Basin 805 km2 (311 sq mi)

The Seymour River is a river in the North Shuswap of British Columbia, Canada. It begins in the Monashee Mountains north of Shuswap Lake, and flows south into the northern end of the Seymour Arm of the lake.

The river's main tributaries are Smoky House Creek and Ratchford Creek. Just below the Ratchford Creek confluence, where the river rages through a narrow gorge, lies the Seymour River Falls, a 40 feet (12 m) two-tiered waterfall. These falls can be accessed by two trails leading through the forest on both sides of the river.

The upper course of the river is protected by Upper Seymour River Provincial Park.

The river flows into the Seymour Arm of Shuswap Lake at the community of Seymour Arm ( 51°14'6.67"N, 118°57'34.16"W). The lower portion (approximately 18 km) of the river, below the falls, is important salmon spawning habitat, primarily for Sockeye but also Coho and Chinook. This river is referred to in the Water Survey of Canada's near-real-time hydrometric website as the Semour River Near Seymour Arm (station 08LE027). See:

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