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TypePrivate VC-backed startup[1]
GenreNet TV
FounderBuno Pati and Phil Wiser
ProductsSet-top DVR
ServicesVideo content delivery

Sezmi was a cloud based video delivery platform for television providers to deliver services over several IP devices like tablet and mobile computing devices.

Sezmi, originally named Building B, was founded by Phil Wiser and Buto Pati in 2007 and based in Belmont, California.[2]

Previously, Sezmi was a subscription video service in 36 metropolitan areas of the United States. It provided a DVR which recorded free over-the-air broadcasts plus brought in video from Internet sources. The system used a smart antenna to improve reception in fringe areas. On September 23, 2011, Sezmi informed customers that they would be discontinuing their service on September 26, 2011.[3][4]

Sezmi was acquired by KIT Digital in January 2012 for $27 million, $16 million in cash and $11 million in KIT Digital stock.[5] The acquisition included 18 patents from Sezmi related to OTT platforms.[2]

Later in 2012,[when?] Totalmovie acquired Sezmi from Kit Digital.[6]

Service areas[edit]

The 36 metro areas in which Sezmi previously served:


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