Sfatul Țării Palace

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Sfatul Țării Palace
Sfatul Țării Palace in Chișinău.jpg
General information
Address 111 Alexei Mateevici
Coordinates 47°1′20″N 28°49′2″E / 47.02222°N 28.81722°E / 47.02222; 28.81722Coordinates: 47°1′20″N 28°49′2″E / 47.02222°N 28.81722°E / 47.02222; 28.81722
Construction started 1902
Inaugurated 1905
Renovated 1950s (architect Rosalia Spirer)
Design and construction
Architect Vladimir N. Țâganco

The Sfatul Țării Palace is a building in Chișinău, Moldova.


The building is located near Central Chișinău. It served as a meeting place for the Sfatul Țării, the assembly which proclaimed the independence of the Moldavian Democratic Republic in 1917 then union with Romania in 1918. The building was heavily damaged in the Second World War. It is currently home to the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts.


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