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Sha Yexin (Chinese: 沙叶新; born 1939 in Nanjing) is a Chinese playwright and political activist.

Political activism[edit]

Sha became head of the Shanghai People's Art Theatre in 1985. He met with German chancellor Angela Merkel in 2007, regarding freedom of the press issues in China.[1]

Literary career[edit]

He finished his first one-act play, Yi fen qian (One cent), in 1965. Later plays include Haohao xuexi (Diligent study), Yesu, Kongzi, Pitoushi Lienong (Jesus, Confucius and Beatles Lennon) and Makesi mishi (Secret history of Marx).

Sha's play The Impostor (If I Were Real) was written collectively with fellow playwrights Li Shoucheng and Yao Mingde.


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