Shah Qabool Aulia

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Shah Qabool Aulia
Religion Islam
Sect Sufi
Nationality Moroccan
Born 1101
Tangier, Morocco
Died 1181
Peshawar, Pakistan
Resting place Dabgari, Peshawar, Pakistan

Shah Qabool Aulia (1689–1767) was a Moroccan Muslim Sufi Pir who traveled through the Indian subcontinent preaching Islam.

Early life and education[edit]

Born in the fort town of Teenjah in 1101 anno Hegirae, corresponding to 1689 in the western calendar, Shah Qabool Aulia received early spiritual education from his father before setting out to Sindh to study spiritualism.[1] In Karachi, he studied under Shah Inayat Shaheed for 12 years. During his studies, he was put in charge of leading the "Langar Khana" for the feeding of the poor.[2] When his studies were complete, Shah Inayat sent him to preach as his "khilafat" (a deputy with the full spiritual powers of his leaders) to the northwest.

Travels through India[edit]

Shah Qabool traveled upwards through Multan and Kashmir, near Haripur (Hazara) in a small village called Kokalyan.[2] He lived for twelve years there in a cave from which he worshiped and served the local communities. This cave, "Boora Sharif" has become a shrine. After Shah Qabool left the cave, he went on to Attock Khurd, converting local citizens from Hinduism to Islam. Shah Qabool's final destination was Peshawar, which he reached in 1734 (1147 anno Hegirae). There, he continued for 34 years converting citizens, sending out deputies of his own to preach to the tribes and to the people of Afghanistan.


Shah Qabool died in 1767 (1181 anno Hegirae).[1][2] His shrine is located in the Dabgari area of Peshwar, where he lived. It is visited daily for reciting from the Quran. In addition, there is an annual pilgrimage to the shrine on the final Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each May in celebration of Urs of Shah Qabool. The Urs celebrations include stories about the Sufi, preaching from Qur'an and Mehfil.[1]


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