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Shahram Entekhabi (Persian: شهرام انتخابی‎), born 1963 is an Iranian-born video and installation artist.


He participated in a group exhibition at the Chelsea Arts Museum, where his contribution was sex worker calling cards to which he had added full veils.[1] In July 2009, The New York Times wrote in an art review, Iran Inside Out, regarding a similar piece, Shahram Entekhabi draws chadors in black Magic Marker on images of dating-service models." [2]

Entekhabi caused a stir in Lucerne in January 2011 when he stretched red and white barrier tape across the city's Town Hall Bridge without first securing a permit, impeding traffic on a Friday afternoon.[3]

Foundation and Initiated projects[edit]

  • WL PROJECT, curatorial and artistic projects, 2006 [1]
  • i RAN Home, presentation of contemporary Iranian visual culture in Berlin, 2009 [2]
  • UNITY, contemporary art projects against racism in collaboration with UNICEF in Penang, Malaysia, 2009 [3]


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