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Shankend Manor
General information
Type Mansion
Country Scotland
Coordinates 55°20′46″N 2°45′25″W / 55.346°N 2.757°W / 55.346; -2.757Coordinates: 55°20′46″N 2°45′25″W / 55.346°N 2.757°W / 55.346; -2.757
Construction started sixteenth-century

Shankend Manor is a sixteenth-century mansion located some six miles south of Hawick, close to Whitrope Siding in Scotland. It was constructed to manage the surrounding countryside and now overlooks the Edinburgh Waverley line. The manor fell into disuse during the 1930s and by the 1970s had been removed from local road maps. The Maiden Paps are located close to Shankend.