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Shaping can refer to:

  • In baking, shaping refers to the process step directly preceding proofing or final fermentation.
  • In electricity generation, maintaining reliable delivery, for example by use of pumped storage hydroelectricity.
  • In archeology, the shaping (archeology) is the process of giving a stone a desired shape.
  • In psychology, shaping (psychology), is the reinforcement of successive approximations to train a type of behavior.
  • In communications, Traffic shaping, is the internet traffic management.
  • In mechanics, shaping is a material removal process in which a cutting tool takes mass and shapes a stationary object to produce a sculpted or plane surface.
    • Gear shaper, the shaping process used specifically for gear manufacturing.
  • Shaping (audio), modifications both additive and subtractive that alter the final timbre of the initial audio wave whether this is produced as an acoustic sound wave or an electric signal.

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