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Sharjah Cup is an international Cricket tournament that took place at the Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium in Sharjah, UAE at multiple times. The last edition was in 2003.

Tournament results by season[edit]

Tournament Name Winner Runner-up Other teams
Cherry Blossom Sharjah Cup, April 2003  Pakistan  Zimbabwe  Sri Lanka  Kenya
2002 Sharjah Cup, April 2002  Pakistan  Sri Lanka  New Zealand
ARY Gold Cup, April 2001[1]  Sri Lanka  Pakistan  New Zealand
Coca-Cola Sharjah Cup, October 2000[2]  Sri Lanka  India  Zimbabwe
Coca-Cola Cup, April 1999[3]  Pakistan  India  England
Coca-Cola Sharjah Cup, October 1998[4]  India  Zimbabwe  Sri Lanka
Coca-Cola Cup, April 1998[5]  India  Australia  New Zealand
Singer-Akai Cup, April 1997[6]  Sri Lanka  Pakistan  Zimbabwe
Pepsi Cup, April 1996[7]  South Africa  India  Pakistan
Singer Sharjah Cup, October 1995[8]  Sri Lanka  West Indies  Pakistan
Pepsi Sharjah Cup, October/November 1994[9]  West Indies  Pakistan  Sri Lanka
Wills Sharjah Cup, February 1993[10]  Pakistan  Sri Lanka  Zimbabwe
Sharjah Cup, October 1991[11]  Pakistan  India  Sri Lanka
Sharjah Cup, October 1990[12]  England  Pakistan  India
Sharjah Cup, October 1989[13]  Pakistan  India  West Indies
Sharjah Cup, October 1988[14]  West Indies  Pakistan  India
Sharjah Cup, April 1987[15]  England  Pakistan  India
Sharjah Cup, November/December 1986[16]  Pakistan  India  West Indies
 Sri Lanka
Rothmans Sharjah Cup, November 1985[17]  West Indies  Pakistan  India

Other Events[edit]

In addition to the Sharjah Cup, the stadium held the following events:

  • Pepsi Asia Cup 1995[18]
  • Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup 1994[19]
  • Austral-Asia Cup 1990[20]
  • Austral-Asia Cup 1986[21]
  • Rothman's Asia Cup 1984[22]