Sharks Took the Rest

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Sharks Took the Rest
Sharks Took the Rest
Background information
Origin Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Genres Alternative rock, jazz, ambient music, electronic music, classical music, folk, trip hop
Years active 2009 (2009)–present
Associated acts Joanna Newsom, Cinematic Orchestra, Björk
Members Beccy Owen, Adam Kent, Adam Sinclair, Ian 'dodge' Paterson

Sharks Took the Rest are a British alternative pop band brought together by Beccy Owen and Adam Kent. The band are based in the North East of England and write original songs that incorporate influences from many different genres, including pop, Alternative Rock, Jazz, Ambient music, Electronic music, Classical music, Folk and Trip hop.[1] On their website they describe their music as creating "blissful, panoramic pop out of lush, chamber-style textures, swoonsome female vocals and an artful dash of electronica". [2]

The Journal newspaper described their music as "sublime bliss" [3] while the National Student Magazine described them as "coming on like a cross between Joanna Newsom fronting an unplugged Cocteau Twins" and that "these guys could be your new favourite band within five minutes".[4]

Their first self-funded EP Grounds For Hearts To Swell was released on 14 February 2011 and garneried radio play on BBC radio including Tom Robinson (BBC 6 music), Nemone (BBC 6 music - single of the week) and Iain Anderson amongst others. Following this they were invited to London to perform on the 'Loose Ends' show [5] on Radio 4 with Clive Anderson. They were also invited to and played at Glastonbury 2011 on the BBC Introducing Stage.[6]

The band's first full album, Too Late for Logic, was released on July 2, 2013 on Bandcamp.[7]

Two of the original band members (Nick Pride and Ian 'Dodge' Paterson) are also members of Nick Pride and the Pimptones, a Newcastle based funk and soul band who are currently signed to Italian funk label Record Kicks.[8]

In 2013 Sharks Took The Rest disbanded with a new electro-pop quartet Joy Atlas being formed from three of the founding members.

Band members[edit]

The original 2011 line-up for Sharks Took the Rest was:

  • Beccy Owen — lead vocals[9]
  • Adam Kent — keyboards, electronica
  • Rebecca Topping — cello, backing vocals
  • Louise Taylor — viola
  • Nick Pride — guitar
  • Ian 'dodge' Paterson — bass, double bass[10]
  • David Carnegie — drums, backing vocals

By 2013 they had become a four-piece, consisting of:[11][12]

  • Beccy Owen — lead vocals
  • Adam Kent — keyboards, electronicca
  • Adam Sinclair — drums, backing vocals
  • Ian 'dodge' Paterson — bass, double bass



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