She Moves

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She Moves
Origin United States
Genres pop
Years active 1997-1999
Labels Geffen Records
Members Carla Duren
Danielle Flora
Diana Bologna

She Moves was an American pop trio consisting of Carla Duren, Danielle Flora, and Diana Bologna, who were all former New York Knicks City Dancers.


Danielle got her industry start as a dancer and host of the popular 1990s MTV show The Grind, while Diana had danced in music videos for Salt N Pepa, Lil' Kim, and Missy Elliott.

In 1997 the German-born New York-based producers Berman Brothers, who produced Real McCoy's multi-platinum-selling debut, formed She Moves, months after they heard Carla wow the crowd at Madison Square Garden before a playoff game with her soulful a cappella rendition of the national anthem.

In the summer of 1997 the group released their debut single, "Breaking All The Rules". It peaked at #32 on the Billboard Hot 100. On November 18, 1997 their debut album of the same title was released. Sales were poor despite the successful single on radio and exposure on BET and MTV. The group performed the single during the swimsuit competition at Miss USA 1998. Geffen Records followed with the single "It's Your Love", a remake of the country music hit by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The label released a third single from the album, "Just for Tonight", but it failed to chart. The girls also appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch. Geffen Records dropped the trio from the label in 1999.

Danielle went on to become a successful choreographer working with pop icon Janet Jackson on mtvICON as well as the MTV Video Music Awards and for Saturday Night Live (NBC). Danielle hosts two shows for Billboard: "Billboard in Sixty" [1] and "Billboard Underground" [2]. [3] On Broadway, Carla performed the role of Snookie in "110 in the Shade". She released her debut album titled "BlackFolkRockStar" on CD Baby. Diana is now an actress and appears in the feature film "Brooklyn's Finest", HBO's "Flight of the Conchords", and "As the World Turns".




Year Title Chart Positions Album
1997 "Breaking All The Rules" 32 11 Breaking All the Rules
1998 "It's Your Love" 67
"Just for Tonight" 23

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