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Sheffield City Trust is a registered charity in the United Kingdom that owns and/or manages twelve entertainment and sports venues in Sheffield, England.

Charitable objectives[edit]

The Trust was established in 1988 with three charitable objects:

  • provide recreational and other leisure facilities of a high standard and as economically as possible
  • promote the physical health of the inhabitants of the City of Sheffield
  • encouragement of the Arts, and the acquisition, preservation, restoration and maintenance of buildings of historical interest in Sheffield.


The charity is funded via its three wholly owned subsidiaries, Sheffield International Venues Ltd, Sheffield City Hall Limited and Sheffield Festival Limited. It operates the following venues:

The trust always plays significant roles in the ‘Race for Life’ events and the ‘Sheffield Half Marathon’.


In 2005–6 the Trust had an income of £56.7million, expenditure of £55.8million and held assets valued at £316million. It is one of the 100 largest UK charitable organizations ranked by annual expenditure.[1] The current chair of the Trust is Howard Culley, the previous chair (1997-2008) was Paul Blomfield.


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