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Sherif Sabri Pasha during the marriage of Princess Fawzia in 1939.

Sherif Sabri Pasha (Arabic: شريف صبري باشا‎‎) was the brother of Nazli Sabri, Queen consort of Egypt. He was thus the maternal uncle of Nazli's son King Farouk I, and served on the three-member Regency Council that was formed in 1936-37 during the latter's minority. Sherif Pasha Sabri was 41 years old at the time, and had previously held the post of Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs.[1]

On 30 September 1946, Sherif Sabri Pasha was asked to become Prime Minister and head a new cabinet.[2] However, he never became premier and Isma'il Sidqi Pasha remained Prime Minister until 9 December 1946.

Sherif Sabri Pasha headed the Egyptian Geographic Society from May 1946 till March 1955.[3] Like his sister Nazli, he was a grandson of Egypt's three-time Prime minister Muhammad Sharif Pasha who was of Turkish origin,[4] as well as a great-grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte's colonel Soliman Pasha al-Faransawi.[5]


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Political offices
New title
Minority of King Farouk I
Regent of Egypt
1936 - 1937
with Prince Muhammad Ali Tewfik
Aziz Ezzat Pasha
King Farouk I reaches age of majority
and assumes his full constitutional powers
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W.F. Hume
President of the Egyptian Geographic Society
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