Mohammed Ali Tewfik

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Mohammed Ali Tewfik
Prince Mohammed Ali Palace (Museum) - Manyal Nile Island - Cairo

Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik (Arabic: محمد علي توفيق‎‎) (November 9, 1875 - March 18, 1955) was the heir presumptive of Egypt and Sudan from 1892-1899 and 1936-1952.


He was the son of Khedive Tewfik I and Emina Ilhamy, and the younger brother of Khedive Abbas II. He had prepared himself for ruling Egypt and Sudan for many years, and in his palace there was a throne room. He was once the President of the Mohammed Ali Club, a social club for the royal, wealthy, and famous people of Egypt. It was named after the founder of the ruling dynasty of Egypt and Sudan, Muhammad Ali Pasha.

Following the death of King Fuad I in 1936, Prince Mohammed Ali was the Chief Regent for the 16-year-old King Farouk I until his Coronation. In 1937 he represented Egypt and Sudan at the Coronation of King George VI of the United Kingdom.

In January 1952, his hopes of ruling were ended by the birth of King Farouk's son Ahmed Fuad. In 1953 Egypt was declared a republic and Prince Mohammed Ali lived the rest of his life in exile and died in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1955.

Manial Palace museum[edit]

Mohammed Ali Tewfik had a great palace, Al-Manial, which he had built in the early 20th century, that contains many artifacts in a vintage architectural ambience. It is open to the public as the Manial Palace and Museum, in Cairo.

Arabian Horses[edit]

Like his Ancestor Abbas Pasha I, he loved and breed Arabian Horses, he also wrote a Book entitled "Breeding of Pure Bred Arabian Horses".


He married morganatic in 1941, the former French actress Suzanne Hémon.[citation needed]


He had issue who are not recognized.[citation needed]


Egyptian royalty
New title
Minority of King Farouk I
Regent of Egypt
1936 - 1937
with Aziz Ezzat Pasha
Sherif Sabri Pasha
King Farouk I reaches age of majority and assumes his full constitutional powers