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The Sherpa people are an ethnic group in eastern Nepal.

Sherpa may also refer to:

In government[edit]

  • Sherpa (emissary), the personal representative of a head of state or government in the G20 or G8

In organizations and companies[edit]

  • Sherpa (association), a French network of jurists dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility
  • Sherpa (khane-pani), a pure drinking water supplier in Nepal
  • SHERPA (organisation), a UK-based project team with expertise in open access and repositories
  • Cloud Sherpas, a company doing cloud implementation and migration
  • Sherpaa, a employer-provided solution that connects employees directly with doctors and insurance guides to diagnose, treat, and resolve healthcare needs.
  • Sherpa Union, a non-hierarchical people movement from the community up Scotland

In transportation[edit]

In other uses[edit]

  • Yahoo Sherpa, a distributed key value datastore developed by Yahoo!
  • Sherpa Lining, a lining made from a polyester and cotton fabric, resembles the rough wool lining of traditional Sherpa outdoor clothing; used in mass-produced all-weather clothing