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Gender Masculine
Word/name Persian
Meaning "like a lion", "eternal soul"
Region of origin Iran
Other names
Related names Sherwin

Shervin (Persian: شروین‎‎), also spelled Sherveen or Sherwin, is a Persian given name. Although predominantly a boys name, the name is occasionally given to girls in the form of "Shervineh" or "Shervin Dokht". The name is understood to mean both "eternal soul" and 'like a lion'.

Shervin is thought to be the shortened form of Anushirvan. One interpretation of the name is a combination of "anousheh", meaning eternal, and "ravan", meaning soul. An alternative translation of Shervin is "like a lion", derived from the words "shir", meaning 'lion', and "vin", meaning 'resembling'.

Shervin was also the name of several princes in the ancient Tabarestan region of Iran (Today's Mazandaran and Gilan), including a grandfather of the author of Marzbannameh (Marzban ibn-e Rostam ibn-e Shervin, 12th century).

In Savadkuh County, located at the center of Mazandaran Province in Iran, part of the Alborz mountain chain is named Shervin and is one of the local natural attractions.

The name Shervin also exists in Dutch, spelled 'Shirwin'. The Dutch form has the same meaning as the Persian form.