Sheung Yue River

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Sheung Yue River at sunset

The Sheung Yue River (Chinese: 雙魚河; Hong Kong Hakka: Sung1ng2 Ho2; also known as the River Beas) is a river in the northern New Territories, Hong Kong. Its sources are near Kai Kung Leng and Ki Lun Shan, where numerous streams flow into the river. It flows through Kwu Tung and Sheung Shui. It joins up with Shek Sheung River and eventually empties into Ng Tung River.

Beas River Country Club is located near the river. The country club was a venue for the 2008 Olympic Equestrian events.

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Coordinates: 22°30′54″N 114°06′54″E / 22.5150°N 114.1151°E / 22.5150; 114.1151