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The Shia Eid Prayer by Grand Ayatollah Reza Hosseini Nassab in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Shia Islam in Canada is a part of the global Shia community that continues to bond with Shias elsewhere. Shia Muslims have been a featuring segment of the Canadian Muslim society that became more conspicuous from the 1970s and onwards.[1]


The Shia community manifests itself in two main forms in Canada. One is through the Twelver rite and the other is through the Ismaili rite. However, due to the lack of census questions that go into specific details in Canada, it remains unknown which community is larger between the two.[2] However, both have established both community centers, spiritually attached leisure centers, as well as mosques in the country. The most prominent Ismaili center is the Ismaili Centre, Toronto at the Charbagh Gardens, while the most prominent Ithna Ashari center is the Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada.[3]


Reza Hosseini Nassab is a Canadian Grand Ayatollah of the Twelver rite. Anisa Mehdi, a film director and journalist, who although a Shia, reports on her faith from a Pan-Islamic viewpoint.[4]

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