Shibar Pass

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Shibar Pass
Shibar pass 02.jpg
Shibar pass in 1961
Elevation 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Location Afghanistan
Range Hindu Kush
Coordinates 34°54′26.65″N 68°15′36.58″E / 34.9074028°N 68.2601611°E / 34.9074028; 68.2601611

Shibar Pass is situated at a height of 3,000 m above sea-level, connecting Parwan Province with Bamyan Province. It is the longer of the two main routes from Kabul to Bamiyan in Hazarajat. The journey is approximately 6 and half hours long covering around 237 km (147 mi). It was originally designed and built by Ahmad Shah Shairzay and a German engineer between 1933 to 1938.

The route to Bamyan via Unai Pass and Hajigak Pass in Maidan Wardak is shorter and more direct, but also more difficult, rising to 3,700 m, and is not usually preferred in the winters.