Shikari (1963 film)

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Directed byMohammed Hussain
Produced byF C Mehra - Eagle Films
Written bySurinder Mehra and Vrajendra Gaur (screenplay)
Madan Puri
K N Singh
Tun Tun
Kamal Mehra
Music byG. S. Kohli
Release date

Shikari (English: The Hunter) is a 1963 hit Hindi movie directed by Mohammed Hussain. The actors are Ajit, Ragini, Helen, Madan Puri, K N Singh, Tun Tun, Kamal Mehra and others.[1] The music of the film was the biggest asset of this film, and the songs "O, Tumko Piya, Dil Diya", "Mangi Hain Duaayen", "Ye Rangeen Mehfil" and "Agar Main Poochhoon", were catchy tunes that became popular on the music chart of the year. The film was loosely based on Hollywood film King Kong.[2]



Mr. Kapoor (Bir Sakhuja) and Jagdish (Madan Puri) are partners in Circus. The circus is running in loss so they go on an expedition to jungles of Malay to capture kingkong known as Otango. Their friend, a scientist Professor Sharma, daughter of Mr. Kapoor Rita (Ragini) and Chandu the circus clown (Randhir) accompany them. They take a letter of recommendation for Ajit (Ajit) owner of timber estate from their friend Naib living in Malay. In jungle Rita falls in river from ropeway trolley and gets lost in forest. Ajit saves her and takes her to his estates. Later other members of the expedition also come there. A romance starts to bloom between Ajit and Rita. They request Ajit to accompany them to find Otango. He takes his men and they set out on their quest. They find a village destroyed by Otango. They meet a mad scientist Dr. Cyclops (K. N. Singh) who has set up a laboratory in jungle. He is experimenting to turn humans into gorrilas.

Dr. Cyclops is living with his daughter Shobha (Helen) and his henchmen. Shobha wants to save them from his father's nefarious and savage experiments and takes them to a secret passage to run away. But Jagdish tells on them and they are captured. Dr. Cyclops promises Jagdish to help him take away Otango if he helps him marry Rita.

Dr. Cyclops takes Rita to native village to solemnize marriage by chieftain (Shyam Kumar) making Jagdish incharge of the lab in his absence. Trying to escape Ajit and others fight with Jagdish and henchman. Jagdish falls on lab equipment full of chemicals and dies. Shobha takes them to village where marriage is about to be solemnized. Again fight ensues and Shobha is killed. Otango attacks the village and rampages it. They run and coming to another village sets it on fire in hope that Otango dies. But Otango chases them and they come to a trestle bridge over burning lava. They all cross the bridge and then cut the ropes when Otango is trying to cross. Otango falls in gorge with lava and dies. They reach back timber estate and plan to return to Bombay now Mumbai accompanied by Ajit, the future son-in-law.


Soundtrack album by
G S Kohli
StudioGramophone Co of India Ltd
GenreFeature Film Soundtrack
External video
Hindi Jukebox - All Songs of Shikari - Ajit, Ragini

Music for the film is composed by G. S. Kohli, with lyrics by Farooq Qaisar and Qamar Jalalabadi.[3]

Track listing
1."Maangi Hain Duaaen Hamane Sanam"Farooq QaisarAsha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar4:05
2."Yeh Rangeen Mehfil Gulaabi Gulaabi"Qamar JalalabadiAsha Bhosle4:07
3."Tumko Piya Dil Diya"Farooq QaisarLata Mangeshkar, Usha Mangeshkar3:26
4."Chaman Ke Phool Bhi Tujhko"Farooq QaisarMohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar5:59
5."Agar Main Puchhoon Jawab Doge"Farooq QaisarMohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar4:29
6."Baje Ghunghroo Chham Chham"Farooq QaisarLata Mangeshkar4:33
Total length:26:39


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