Shimizu Station (Osaka)

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Shimizu Station
Location Asahi, Osaka, Osaka
Operated by Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
Line(s) Imazatosuji Line
Other information
Station code I15
Opened 2006
Passengers (FY2016) 5,439 daily

Shimizu Station (清水駅, Shimizu-eki, station number: I15) is a train station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Imazatosuji Line in Asahi-ku, Osaka, Japan. It is the least used station in the Osaka Municipal Subway network, with only 5,439 people using the station daily in 2016.[1] However, it is not the least used station in the entire network, as several stations of the Nankō Port Town Line have lower ridership figures.


The station has an island platform fenced with platform gates between two tracks underground. Two siding tracks are located in the south of the station and connect to Tsurumi-ryokuchi-kita Depot and Tsurumi Inspection Depot.

1  Imazatosuji Line for Gamo-yonchome, Midoribashi and Imazato
2  Imazatosuji Line for Taishibashi-Imaichi and Itakano

Stations next to Shimizu[edit]

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Osaka Municipal Subway Imazatosuji Line (I15)
Taishibashi-Imaichi (I14) - Shimmori-Furuichi (I16)

Coordinates: 34°43′18″N 135°33′39″E / 34.7216°N 135.5608°E / 34.7216; 135.5608


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