Shin (given name)

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GenderMostly male
MeaningDifferent meanings depending on kanji
Other names
Related namesShin'ichi

Shin (しん, シン) is a common Japanese given name which is mostly used by males.

Possible writings[edit]

Shin can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

  • 真, "true"
  • 伸, "extend"
  • 新, "new"
  • 心, "heart"
  • 信, "belief"
  • 進, "progress"
  • 慎, "humility"
  • 晋, "advance"
  • 紳, "gentleman"

The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.


With the given name Shin[edit]

  • Shin Amano (真, born 1973), Japanese figure skater
  • Shin Hirayama (信, 1868–1945), Japanese astronomer
  • Shin Kishida (森, 1939–1982), Japanese actor
  • Shin Kanemaru (信, 1914–1996), Japanese politician
  • Shin Kanazawa (born 1983), Japanese football player
  • Shin Kato (加藤 信, 1891–1952), Japanese Go player
  • Shin Kōda (真), a Japanese enka singer
  • Shin Koyamada (真, born 1982), Japanese and American film actor
  • Shin Kusaka (慎), a Japanese actor
  • Shin Nakamura (中村 伸, born 1974), Japanese footballer
  • Shin Ōnuma (心), a Japanese animation and theatre director
  • Shin Nohara (森), a Japanese kindergartner
  • Shin Saburi (信, 1909–1982), Japanese film actor
  • Shō Shin (1465–1526), king of the Ryūkyū Kingdom
  • Shin Takahashi (しん, born 1967), Japanese manga artist
  • Shin Terai, a Japanese musician and producer
  • Shin Togashi (冨樫 森, born 1960), Japanese film director
  • Shin Yanagisawa (信, born 1936), Japanese photographer
  • Shin Yazawa (心), a Japanese actress
  • Shin Banshoya (真), a Japanese comedian
  • Shin (シン), a Japanese singer (former member of the Visual-Kei band ViViD)




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