Shin Wen-Bing

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Shin Wen-Bing
Mayor of Tainan
Personal details
Born 1912
Tainan, Taiwan
Died 1999 (aged 86–87)
Nationality  Republic of China (Taiwan)
Alma mater Meiji University
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Shin.

Shin Wen-Bing was a mayor of Tainan[citation needed] who, after retiring from the public office, became the first elected president at the South Taiwan Artisan School (ATAS)[citation needed], which later became the Southern Taiwan University of Technology, on December 15, 1969. President Shin retired in 1988, and never received any form of monetary recompense during his term as the president.[citation needed]

President Shin was more concerned about his homeland than his own political career. He was passionate about education throughout his life, and was a statesman, educator and entrepreneur.[not specific enough to verify]

President Shin always said that education was the most meaningful thing in his career, so he was proud to say that he was the happiest person in the world. President Shin liked reading as a hobby and he encouraged people to read as well. To commemorate Mr. Shin not only as a late President of Southern Taiwan University of Technology but also a great man of our time, STUT has organized an exhibition room - the "Shin Wen-Bing Museum" - to display his collection of books and to tell his story.[citation needed]

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