Shinobu Kokoro: Hidden Heart

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Shinobu Kokoro: Hidden Heart
(Shinobu kokoro wa)
Genre Yaoi
Written by Temari Matsumoto
Published by Biblos
English publisher
Published March 10, 2004
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Shinobu Kokoro: Hidden Heart (しのぶこころは?, Shinobu kokoro wa) is a ninja yaoi manga by Temari Matsumoto. The manga was licensed in the United States by BLU, the Boys Love branch of TokyoPop, in November 2005.[1]


Another work by Temari Matsumoto, called Cause of My Teacher also includes a story about Hiiragi and Asagi.


Krista Hutley for the Library Journal said of Shinobu Kokoro: "Themes of passion and loyalty weave through the three romances, which are sweet if superficial."[2] Tom Rosin for MangaLife noted the explicitness of the manga.[3] Reviewer Julie Rosato disliked how young and compliant the ukes were in the stories, but enjoyed Matsumoto's semes.[4]


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