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Shipley Hollow Road is a road in Sale Creek, Tennessee where there have been many variations of a common haunting. These stories go back 150 years and are mentioned in several local books, including Ghosts of the Southern Tennessee Valley by Georgiana C. Kotarski. The ghosts or creatures are referenced as Pitty-Pat and locals call this area "Pitty Pat Hollow". Whether the "Pitty-Pat" is the ghost children or a creature varies, depending on the source.

In 1775, a female settler and her four kids were crossing a bridge on their way home in a horse and buggy. It was a normal night and she was going in a horse and carriage when suddenly they heard a "pit, pat, pit, pat" and a beast approximately the size of a cat ran out on its hind legs in front of the horse. The beast is commonly referred to as an imp, though the physical description can vary. This action spooked the horse to such an extent that the buggy flipped and the woman was thrown from it. The legend then varies with the woman either dying instantly or living long enough to see the beast carry off her children to devour them. Some sightings were reported of a beast jumping in front of buggies, and a few of the beast charging motor vehicles.It is not an unusual thing to witness it on the third Sunday of every four months at approximately 12:30 am.

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Hamilton County.

Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0 Daugherty Ferry Road - Sale Creek Southern terminus
2.0 3.2 Providence Road - Lakesite, Graysville Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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