Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2008

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Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2008
Presented by
No. of episodes 30 (2 episodes per week)
No. of days 15 Weeks
Location(s) Moturakau and Rapota, Cook Islands, South Pacific
Filming dates September 2007 – January 2008
Original release 13 April – 27 July 2008
Preceded by Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2007 (Series 5)
Followed by Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands 2009 (Series 7)

Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands 2008 is a United Kingdom reality television series which aired in 2008 on Channel 4s youth programming label T4. The 2008 series is the sixth series of Shipwrecked, and the third series to use the "Battle Of The Islands" format. [1]

This series used a different process to determine the winning team. A third secret island known as Hawk Island was revealed to the other two islands in the final week when they returned to evaluate and vote for the team they felt had done a better job of welcoming them back. All the residents of Hawk (save for one) had been exiled from either the Sharks or the Tigers when they lost out to the other person in their new arrival pair.

The Game[edit]

Shipwrecked is a reality programme in which a number of people from the UK live on one of two islands (Shark Island and Tiger Island) for a period of several months. Each week, new arrivals come to the islands, spend equal time on each island and must decide at the weekly beach party which island they wish to live on for the remainder of the competition. At the end of the series, the island with the most castaways wins, with the winning islanders sharing a cash prize of £100,000. The winning island with 21 members was the Tigers; the Sharks had 14 members.

For Shipwrecked 2008, a new twist was introduced. Each week two new arrivals to the competition spend an equal amount of time on each island and make their decision on which island they wish to permanently live on. However, the chosen island could only select one new arrival to keep and make an official Tiger or Shark, with the other new arrival "sent home". Contrary to what the islanders believe, the "rejected" new arrival is sent to a secret third island hidden away from Shark and Tiger islands. The third island acts as a survival island, whereby those who decide to stay must survive on basic conditions, with no luxuries, no protein (except for the island's wildlife), with no knowledge of the role they would later play in the competition.

Television Programmes[edit]

In addition to the main programme (Shipwrecked: Battle Of The Islands), two companion shows were broadcast for the 2008 series. Shipwrecked: The Third Island followed the week's events on Hawk Island, including the arrival of the newly rejected castaway from Tiger and Shark Islands, and the goings-on on "Hawk Island". Shipwrecked: The Hutcam Diaries supplemented the events of the main programme by focusing on the castaway's daily lives, and tribulations, from the point of view of the islands' hutcam.

Main Islands[edit]

In Week One, six castaways (Danny, Faith, Barrie, Katie, James and Lara) set foot on Shark island, who, two days later, were joined by another six castaways (Tom, Carly, Jack, Char, Marvyn and Susan). Although initially confused by the arrival of more people onto their island, the original islanders and their guests quickly settled into island life. However, only a matter of days into the competition, Katie, one of the original six, decided to leave the competition to be later replaced by Keris, 26. [1]

At the end of the first week, the inaugural beach party was held. The twelve castaways were instructed to split into two equal sized groups. The islanders decided to remain in their groups of six based on those whom they arrived with, despite the disapproval of Tom who had wished to remain on the same island as Danny, one of the first six on the island. The groups later decided which group would be Tigers and which group would become the Sharks, with the first islanders (Barrie, Danny, Faith, James, Keris, and Lara) becoming the Sharks, and the second group of islanders becoming the Tigers (Carly, Char, Jack, Marvyn, Susan and Tom). However, in a shocking twist, the newly formed tribes were provided with only five tribal necklaces each, revealing the twist that one of the original castaways in each tribe would have to leave the competition, and make the long journey back to the UK. After much deliberation, both tribes decided to make their decision on whom to send home by randomly picking sticks. In the end, Char and James had to leave, and promptly left the islands, in the belief that they were on their home to the UK... [1]

for the last week both tribes are feeling nervous over what will have in store for them after no new arrivals come ashore after the beach party.

The next day two boats are spotted by Adam in the distance with the 13 inhabitants from the secret third island heading towards Tiger Island and Shark Island. The seven girls visit the Shark's first and the six boys go over to Tiger Island.

The Sharks entertained the girls to game called donkey derby. Meanwhile, over on Tiger Island the six lads play football. When the new arrivals swap islands, the Tigers are excited to see fellow original Char, as are the Sharks with original James.

With the day of the final beach party looming, the new arrivals all discuss the difficulty of making a tough decision on which island they will choose at the final Shipwrecked Beach Party on 20 July.

Sharks Tigers
Member Arrival Week Original Tribe Original Tribe Arrival Week Member
Barrie Ridley
24, Isle of Sheppey
Prison Officer
1 Shark Tiger 1 Carly Stratton
18, Cheshire
Danny Latimer
23, Liverpool
Mr Liverpool 2007 at the time, now in a band
1 Shark Tiger 1 Jack Collins
19, Essex
Lara Goodison
18, Surrey
1 Shark Tiger 1 Marvyn Williams
26, Leeds
PE Teacher
Adam Child
23, London
Shop assistant
2 Shark Tiger 1 Susan Shaw
20, Liverpool
Bureau de Change Cashier
Lauren Humphrey
21, London
Fine Art Student
3 Shark Tiger 4 Matt Iovane
23, Hertfordshire
Tom Turner
18, Sussex
In Store Model
1 Tiger Tiger 5 Vicky Boast
24, Nottingham
Anna Morris-Ord
20, Manchester
6 Shark Tiger 7 Ricky Andrews
22, Essex
Trainee Black Cab Driver
Jamie Davison-Lungley
18, London
8 Shark Tiger 9 Josh Rivers
21, London/Atlanta
Fashion management student
Sarahmae Davison
21, Hull
10 Shark Tiger 11 Jonathan Hewston
20, Leicester
Part-time waiter
Faith Oyegun
18, Oxford
1 Shark  
Nathan Lawler
21, Manchester
Car Mechanic
13 Shark
Keris Hopkins
26, Wales
Education Welfare Officer
1 Shark
Rebecca Collings
26, London
12 Tiger

Third Island[edit]

At the end of Week 1, Char and James, were sent to a previously uninhabited third island where they were greeted by survival expert Nick Weston. Shortly after arriving on the third island, Char, James and Nick decided to name themselves the Hawks. [1]

The third island itself is very different from Tiger and Shark islands. The island is harsher, denser, and surrounded by a hostile reef. The Third Island inhabitants (the self-named Hawk tribe) were not provided with luxuries (no mirror, no toilet roll) and were given minimal rations, with any dietary protein provided by hunting after the island's wildlife, including three pigs and a number of chickens.

In Week 13, the Hawk tribe welcomed their final two arrivals, Joseph and Sarah. The Hawks and their new recruits had only spent forty-eight hours together before returning to Tiger and Shark Islands, and the Battle of the Islands competition. 12 out of 13 of the rejected cast away chose Tigers as the winning tribe.

Member Week Arrived
On Main Island
Week Sent
To Third Island
Original Tribe Tribe They
Chose To Win
Nick Weston
25, Sussex
Chef and Survival Expert
n/a 1 Hawk Tiger
Char Counsell
23, Somerset
1 2 Tiger Tiger
James Ward
23, Northampton
Riding Instructor
1 2 Shark Tiger
Diva Morthor
19, Essex
3 4 Shark Tiger
Mike McHale
23, London
4 5 Tiger Tiger
Lottie Moore
22, Cheshire
6 7 Shark Tiger
Rowan Bailey
26, Chichester
Surf Fashion Salesman
7 8 Tiger Tiger
Adelina Ekechukwu
22, Manchester
8 9 Shark Tiger
Beau Devonish-Inua
27, Essex
9 10 Tiger Tiger
Brie Doffing
19, Berkshire
GAP year student
11 12 Tiger Tiger
Sarah Collings
26, London
12 13 Tiger Tiger
Sarah Sole
23, Devon
13 14 Shark Tiger
Joseph Cooper
19, Shrewsbury
Window Dresser
13 14 Shark Shark

Departed Castaways[edit]

After just two days on the island, homesick Katie left the production, being replaced by 26-year-old Welsh girl, Keris. Michael also left after spending a day on the third island, after complaining of feeling homesick. Sarah later left Hawk island after complaining of headaches. [1]

Name Arrival Week Week Departed Original Tribe Tribe When Left Reason for Leaving
Katie Bloomer
19, Newcastle upon Tyne,
Mortgage Advisor
1 1 Shark Homesick
Michael Cumberbatch
26, Coventry,
Shop Assistant
5 5 Tiger Hawk Homesick
Sarah Henderson
19, London
2 6 Shark Hawk Unwell and did not fit in
Dale Robertson
21, Edinburgh
10 11 Shark Hawk Homesick


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