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Shirley Rose Eikhard (born 7 November 1955 in Sackville, New Brunswick) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. Her song, "Something to Talk About", was recorded by musician Bonnie Raitt to significant success in the 1990s. Her song "Born with the Hunger" was recorded by Cher for her album She sang the theme song to the movie The Passion of Ayn Rand, "Love Is, Love Is Not".[1][2] "Lovers Forever", a song she originally wrote with Cher for the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire, is featured on Cher's 2013 studio album Closer to the Truth.[3]

Her mother, June Eikhard, was a noted Atlantic Canadian fiddler.

At age 13, while living in Oshawa, Eikhard successfully auditioned for the New Songwriters' Workshop at the 1969 Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto. In 1971, when she was 15, her song "It Takes Time" was recorded by Anne Murray and became a hit in Canada. Eikhard released her debut album the following year.

Awards and recognition[edit]



Year Title CAN
1972 Shirley Eikhard 58
1975 Child Of The Present
1976 Let Me Down Easy
1977 Horizons
1978 Greatest Hits
1987 Taking Charge
1995 If I Had My Way
1996 The Jazz Sessions
1998 Going Home
1999 The Last Hurrah
2001 End Of The Day
2003 Stay Open
2005 Country
2006 The Holidays Are Here
2007 Stuck In This Groove
2008 Riding On The 65
2012 Dream Of A Perfect Day


Year Title Chart Positions Album
1971 "It Takes Time" 7 33 Shirley Eikhard
"Something in Your Face" 2 11
1972 "Smiling Wine" 49 1 1
1973 "Right on Believing" 40 single only
1974 "Rescue Me" 87 70 98
1975 "Play a Little Bit Longer" 72 18 Child of the Present
1976 "I Just Wanted You to Know" 77 18
"Say You Love Me" 34 4 Let Me Down Easy
1977 "Let Me Down Easy" 64 20
"Someday Soon" 21 Horizons
"Don't Let Me Down" 76 19
1983 "Something That Lasts" 22 Taking Charge
1986 "It's Understood" 27
1987 "You're My Weakness" 25
1995 "Take the Fall" 30 51 If I Had My Way


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