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Shishir Inocalla is a practitioner of Filipino martial arts.[1] He was the first of 6 men named as Datu (meaning a chieftain or leader) by the late Remy Presas, Founder of Modern Arnis.[2] He is an accomplished martial artist as well as noted actor with movie credits including: Ninja Turtles,[3] Pinoy Boxer, Five Style Fist, Crazy Kung Fu and The Ultimate Fight[citation needed]. [9] [10]He played “Michaelangelo” in Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle 3 Movie and TV series. is also a balisong expert and Hilot healer. [4.]Master Shishir Inocalla became the Wellness mind body trainer for David Leadbetter golf Academy in Championsgate since 2003 and Zone golf Academy in Richmond, BC Canada. He created Arnis golf later transformed into Aryogolf and heartfullgolf training from the heart. [5]He co star and co produced “The Process” aka “ultimate Fight” movie. [6]He revived Modern Arnis In the Philippines under GM Remy Presas and became President of Modern Arnis. Canada and Vice President of International Arnis Federation (member of Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Olympic Committee)

[7]Master Shishir Inocalla created and produced Maha Yoga and Smile meditation videos and training programs for sports performance.


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  • Video: Balisong, Knife Fighting Art of The Philippine Islands, Shishir Inocalla.

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