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Shitrit, Sheetrit, Shitreet, Chitrit, Chetrit (Hebrew: שטרית‎, Arabic: شطريت‎‎), also related to Benchetrit, Benshitreet, Ben Shitrit (Hebrew: בן שטרית‎, Arabic : بن شطريت) is a Moroccan surname (family name) of Berber origin, well-known among Moroccan Jews, especially in Israel, France and Canada. The original pronunciation in Moroccan Arabic is Sh-t-ret. The French spell it Chetrit which is the most acceptable spelling for this name. Many people within the Moroccan Jewish diaspora hold this family name. Notable people include French actor Samuel Benchetrit, Israeli late minister Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit, Israeli professor Shimon Shetreet and Moroccan-born Israeli writer and poet Sami Shalom Chetrit

Notable people[edit]