Shiver (D. C. Simpson album)

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Studio album by D. C. Simpson
Released May 18, 2005
Recorded 2005 at D.C. Simpson's house
Genre Folk/Alternative
Length 43:50
Label CafePress
Producer D.C. Simpson

Shiver, released May 18, 2005, is the first album released by D. C. Simpson, author of the webcomics Ozy and Millie and I Drew This. The album was recorded by the artist and released on, but the tracks have also been made available for free download.

There is also an expanded edition with an alternative cover, demos, and extra songs.

The songs on the album were written from 1999 ("Impression of You") to 2005 ("Still Nina").

Track listing[edit]

All songs were written by Simpson.

  1. "If I Can't Get To London"
  2. "Impression Of You"
  3. "From The Rain"
  4. "I See"
  5. "Mockingbird Song"
  6. "California"
  7. "We All Fall Down"
  8. "Turn Away"
  9. "Warm"
  10. "Tin Heart"
  11. "Hey Abandon"
  12. "Still Nina"


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