Shlomo Zalman Abel

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Shlomo Zalman Halevi Abel (1857–1886) was one of the founders of the Telz Yeshiva and author of Beis Shlomo.


Abel was born March 11, (15 Adar) 1857 at Novomyesto-Sugint (now Žemaičių Naumiestis) in Lithuania.

In 1875, together with Meir Atlas and Zvi Yaakov Oppenheim he assisted in establishing the Telz Yeshiva and subsequently taught there. He was the brother-in-law of Shimon Shkop.

Abel died on Tuesday October 12, (13th Tishrei) 1886.


  • Beis Shlomo, published posthumously in Vilna in 1893, deals primarily with aspects of Halacha pertaining to financial matters.