Shock 'Em Dead

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Shock 'Em Dead
Shock 'Em Dead 7506.jpg
Directed by Mark Freed
Produced by Eric Louzil[1]
Screenplay by
  • Andrew Cross
  • Mark Freed[1]
Starring Traci Lords
Music by Robert Decker[1]
Cinematography Ron Chapman[1]
Edited by Terry Blythe[1]
Distributed by Academy Entertainment[1]
Running time
93 minutes[1]

Shock ‘Em Dead (1990), also known as Rock ‘Em Dead, is a film directed by Mark Freed and starring Traci Lords.


Angel Martin (Stephen Quadros) has just made the deal of a lifetime. Fame, fortune and beautiful women will all be his - for a price. To become a rock star Martin must give his soul, and to survive he must feed on the souls of others. But Angel wants to possess more than just the soul of the woman of his dreams.

Lindsay Roberts (Traci Lords) is the manager of a rising rock band that has a talented new band member. When Angel Martin joined the band she suddenly had her hands full with concerts, contracts--and private meetings with Angel. But success isn't the only new thing in her life: their recent concerts have been marred by a series of brutal killings, which remain unsolved. As Angel lures Lindsay further into his dark mysterious world--the lines are drawn for a terrifying black magic battle... against the ultimate evil.



Shock 'Em Dead was released direct-to-video in the United States.[1]


In a contemporary review, Variety described the film as a "lame rock'n'horror [1] The review commented on Traci Lords, stating that she "needs better roles if she is to make the transition from underage screen slut to adult actress." while Karen Russell is "impressive as Quadros' lead groupie."[1]



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