Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010

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Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010
Shootboxing S Cup2010.jpg
A poster or logo for Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010.
Promotion Shoot boxing
Date November 23, 2010
Venue JCB Hall
City Japan Tokyo, Japan
Event chronology
Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2008 Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010

Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2010 or S-Cup 2010 was a shoot boxing event promoted by Caesar Takeshi. It was the seven bi-annual (70kg/154lbs weight class) Shoot Boxing World Tournament, featuring an eight-man single elimination format, with one reserve fight, all fought under Shoot Boxing Rules. The eight finalists and two reserve fighters were a mixture of invitees or had been involved in previous events (for more detail on this see the bulleted list below). As well as tournament matches there were also two 'Opening Fights', a 'Women's Fight' and three 'Super Fights' all fought under Shoot Boxing Rules (various weight classes). In total there were twenty-two fighters at the event, representing six countries.

The tournament winner was Buakaw Por. Pramuk who defeated Toby Imada in the final by second round technical knockout. Both fighters were shoot boxing debutants, with Buakaw entering as the result of a dispute with K-1 and Imada a MMA fighter who was a late substitute for Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett who was unable to attend due to legal issues which prevented him from leaving the United States. Although Buakaw won the event it was Imada who had the biggest effect on the tournament, defeating three time S-Cup champion Andy Souwer in the semi finals in what was the biggest upset ever experienced in the sport. The event was held at the JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday, November 23, 2010.[1]

S-Cup 2010 Finalists

S-Cup 2010 Reservists

  • Japan Kenji Kanai - Invitee, S-Cup 2008 Quarter Finalist
  • South Korea Jun Hyuk Song - Invitee


Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Netherlands Andy Souwer TKO  
Thailand Bovy Sor Udomsorn       Netherlands Andy Souwer    
Japan Takaaki Umeno       United States Toby Imada DEC  
United States Toby Imada KO       United States Toby Imada  
Thailand Buakaw Por. Pramuk DEC       Thailand Buakaw Por. Pramuk TKO
Japan Hiroki Shishido       Thailand Buakaw Por. Pramuk DEC
Brazil Luis Saraiva       Netherlands Henry van Opstal      
Netherlands Henry van Opstal DEC  


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