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ShopStyle is a digital shopping platform owned by media and technology company PopSugar Inc.[1] and later acquired by Ebates.[2] Launched in 2007 as a Web search engine for fashion, it was thereafter transformed into a fashion marketplace and inspiration engine.[3] ShopStyle lists over 14 million products across apparel, accessories, beauty, home furnishings and kids' items. It drives $1 billion in gross sales to its global network of 1,400 retailers.[4] ShopStyle is also the commerce engine behind ShopStyle Collective, a network of 14,000 bloggers, vloggers and social media users[5] who use ShopStyle’s platform to earn money from the sales they drive to retailers.


ShopStyle was thought-up by San Francisco-based UK expat Andy Moss[6] in 2006 while he was running local e-commerce website Cairo[7] and noticed that shoes were among the most popular items searched for there.[8][9] The technology behind ShopStyle was created by a group of engineers Moss had met while working at Ariba (now SAP Ariba), including Trey Matteson,[10] Garrick Toubassi[11] and Mike Lenz.[12] The US website launched in February 2007 with a focus on aesthetics and user experience in an attempt to recreate a magazine-like experience digitally. It was variously described as an online equivalent of a shopping mall or a shoppable digital magazine.[9] In September 2007 PopSugar Inc. (then Sugar Publishing) purchased ShopStyle for an undisclosed sum.[13][14] After the acquisition, ShopStyle focused its efforts on broadening out the product count, retailer expansion and becoming a search engine for fashion[15] By the end of 2015 ShopStyle’s global sites generated five million searches per week and listed 12 million products from 1,400 retailers.[16]


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