Shoplifting 4 Jesus

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Shoplifting 4 Jesus
Alabama 3 - Shoplifting 4 Jesus.png
Studio album by Alabama 3
Released 7 November 2011
Recorded Jamm Studios, Brixton
Genre Country/Acid House
Length 54 minutes approx.
Label Hostage Music
Producer Alabama 3, John "Segs" Jennings
Alabama 3 chronology
There Will Be Peace in the Valley... When We Get the Keys to the Mansion on the Hill
Shoplifting 4 Jesus
The Men from W.O.M.B.L.E.

Shoplifting 4 Jesus is a 2011 album by British acid-house band, Alabama 3. It was released on 7 November 2011 through Hostage Music Ltd and features no singles yet. It was released in the same year as their album There Will Be Peace..., an acoustic album.

Recording and touring[edit]

Shoplifting... was recorded at Jamm Studios, Brixton, in the summer of 2011. The band embarked on a slightly different course while recording: the majority of the songs featured on the album have a more electronic sound, as well as more hip-hop and reggae influences. It is also the first album released by the band not to feature Harmonicist and Programmer Piers Marsh (The Mountain of Love). Marsh left the band in late 2010 for unknown reasons, although his departure is not definite as he still contributes to Alabama 3's Facebook page and is working on solo projects with L.B. Dope and Devlin Love, who herself is absent from this album.

The song "Wrong is Right" samples "Ace of Spades" by Motörhead.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Have You Been Having a Nightmare?"
  2. "I Blame Kurt Cobain"
  3. "We Stole The Moon"
  4. "It's About That Time"
  5. "Star Intro"
  6. "I've Been Seeing Stars (Ain't Seen the Light)"
  7. "Wrong is Right"
  8. "Saved"
  9. "Facebook.con"
  10. "Black Dog"
  11. "Summer in the City"
  12. "Who the Fuck is John Sinclaire?"
  13. "Let's Go Out 2Nite"
  14. "Abide With Me"

All songs written by Alabama 3


  • Reverend D.Wayne Love - Vocals
  • Sir 'Eddie' Real - Percussion
  • Rock Freebase - Guitar
  • L.B. Dope - Drums
  • Steve Finnerty - Guitar, vocals, keys, production
  • Larry Love - Vocals
  • Aurora Dawn - Vocals
  • Frank Zappatista - Bass, vocals
  • The Spirit of Love - Keyboards

also featuring:

  • Sister Tallulah Boo
  • Reverend B.Atwell
  • Errol T
  • Sister Francesca Love
  • Rob Walsh (Cold Comfort)


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