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Shopping for Love is an Australian television program.

Airing at 10.30pm on Wednesday nights on the Nine Network, it is hosted by Pete Lazer [1] and Andi Lew [2] and premiered on 4 December 2005. Its concept is a reality show, whereby a contestant is chosen (both a male and a female) with two potential dates. Based on a review of the contestant's household, the potential date goes shopping at department stores and has a time limit to purchase products which it feels will most suit their date. The contestant finally chooses their partner based on a compatibility percentage and other factors, and the contestant takes his chosen partner on a date, to which they reveal details of on the show.

The show features product placements from companies such as Virgin Credit Cards.


The show is filmed at Chadstone Shopping Centre and the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne.

The first season ran its allocated 10 episodes in a latenight slot. A second season was screened in Australia in 2006/2007.


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