Atlantic City and Shore Railroad

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Shore Fast Line
Locale New Jersey
Termini Atlantic City
Ocean City
Opened 1907
Closed 1948
Operator(s) Atlantic City and Shore Railroad
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Shore Fast Line was an electric interurban railroad running from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Ocean City, New Jersey, by way of the mainland communities of Pleasantville, Northfield, Linwood and Somers Point. The line ran from 1907 until 1948.[1] The company that operated the Shore Fast Line was called Atlantic City and Shore Railroad.

The Atlantic City Quakers who helped develop the Monopoly board game named one of the railroad squares for the Shore Fast Line.[2] Charles and Olive Todd, who taught the game to Charles Darrow, its eventual patentee, shortened the name on their oilcloth board to Short Line.[3][4] It is also possible that the existence of short-line railroads, those that operate along short distances, influenced that change.[citation needed]

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