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Shoro products being sold on a corner in downtown Bishkek.

The Shoro company is a beverage company in Kyrgyzstan. They sell four national beverages: Maksym Shoro (Kyrgyz: Максым Шоро),[1][2] Chalap Shoro (Kyrgyz: Чалап Шоро), Jarma Shoro (Kyrgyz: Жарма Шоро), and Aralash Shoro (Kyrgyz: Аралаш Шоро). These beverages are the traditional drinks maksym, chalap, jarma, and a mix of the former two, respectively. These can be bought in bottles in a majority of stores, or "on tap" on street corners (see picture) and at bazaars in most cities in Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, they sell bottled carbonated water, marketing it as "Байтик".

Their primary competitor is Enesay, which produces similar beverages and distributes them in similar ways.


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