Shut Up – The Footy's on the Radio

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"Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio"
Single by TISM
FormatCD Single
GenreAlternative rock
TISM singles chronology
"'All Homeboys Are Dickheads'"
"Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio"

"Shut Up – The Footy's on the Radio" is the name of a stand-alone single by TISM. It was written as an entrant for a Triple M football competition in 1997, which it won. It's prize was to be the theme music for Triple M's AFL coverage.[1] The song was rerecorded and rereleased on 21 March 2010 and used in Triple M's AFL coverage for the 2010 season.[2]


The song revolves around the life of a man who wishes to listen to a simulcast of a football match on his radio. Throughout the track he gets increasingly frustrated with his situation as various noisy things happen around him and will not "shut up", so that he can hear. Eventually he does get to hear the game when he, himself, shuts up from yelling abuse, concluding: "There's footy on the radio? Yeah, shut up!"

The song was written in Eb tuning (i.e. tuned down one semitone).

On the CD, track 3, the Triple M Edit, is identical to the Extended Mix, but most of the vocals are missing.


The song, as its prize in the competition it was written for, was to be played throughout the 1997 football season on Triple M radio. It also received a decent amount of air time on Triple J radio. By some, the single was described simply as "commercial opportunism".[3] Heard magazine's reviewer rated the track as 8.5 out of 10, with the explanation "The masked men return with a pretty cool commercial hit... the guys go a long way to get every listener into the football spirit by getting the guitars & general 'yob' atmosphere happening."[4] However, they felt that "There doesn't really seem to be much point to having three different [mix] versions to me, when we could have had one of their album out-takes or something similar."[4]

Track list[edit]

  1. "Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio (Extended Mix)"
  3. "Shut Up - The Footy's On The Radio (Triple M Edit)"


Technically this single shares the same Genre B. Goode catalogue number GOO8 for the unofficially released single All Homeboys Are Dickheads. However upon scrutiny of the actual disc matrix number on Shut Up – The Footy's On The Radio it is actually GOO8-2. This is to prevent mix-ups during mastering.


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