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Industry Entertainment industry
Computer and video game industry
Founded May 1997[1]
Founder Mario Wynands
Tyrone McAuley
Stuart Middleton
Headquarters Wellington, New Zealand
Area served
Key people
Mario Wynands
(Managing Director)
Tyrone McAuley
(Technical Director)
Andy Satterthwaite
Products Rugby Challenge series
Rugby League series

Sidhe (formerly Sidhe Interactive) is a developer of video games, founded and incorporated in May 1997. The company is a licensed developer for Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Nintendo of America, and Apple Inc.. It is also a co-founding member of the New Zealand Game Developers Association and the New Zealand Institute of Screen Innovation.[2] The largest game production studio in New Zealand, Sidhe has produced more than 20 titles, including Shatter, GripShift, Madagascar Kartz, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, and Speed Racer. It has also developed multiple games based on the National Rugby League (NRL) franchise.

Sidhe provides services to and has products published by partners and clients such as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment, Activision, and Ubisoft. Sidhe has also collaborated with Weta Digital to achieve the first motion capture of a horse at full gallop for the horse racing game Melbourne Cup Challenge.[not verified in body]

The company was formerly named Sidhe Interactive, but dropped the word "Interactive" in 2009 prior to the launch of the company's PlayStation 3 game Shatter. In 2011, Shatter went on to be listed by IGN as one of their top 25 PS3 games[3] and was their number one PSN game.[4]


The Sidhe brand was superseded in 2012 by what was a subsidiary brand, PikPok, which was an iOS and Android development team.[citation needed] Notable PikPok titles include Bird Strike and the Flick Kick sports arcade series of games. In September 2010, a publishing partnership between PikPok and Lexaloffle Games was announced,[5] and the first title from that collaboration, Zen Puzzle Garden, was released in December 2010.[citation needed] PikPok is now the primary brand of the studio.[citation needed]

Both the Sidhe and PikPok brand is collected under the Prodigy Design Limited holding company.[6][7]

Industry awards[edit]

PikPok received an honorable mention in the 2011 Independent Games Festival awards for Flick Kick Football, under Best Mobile Game,[8] and Bird Strike was a finalist in the 7th annual IMG Awards (2011).[9]

Sidhe Scholarship[edit]

Sidhe offers a scholarship[10][11] for students who wish to study game development at a graduate level at the Media Design School in Auckland. At the end of 2010, Sidhe announced the Sidhe Elite financial scholarship for 2011 aiming to support young aspiring game developers. Many Media Design School graduates have gone on to work for Sidhe.[12]

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