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Sidney Walton is a United States Army World War Two veteran and a centenarian.[1]

Born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, on 11 February 1919, Walton spent his early life there, joining the Army in March 1941.[1][2] He served during World War Two, being discharged at the rank of corporal.[1]

He became a geology teacher, having studied at Yale University graduate school, teaching at Duke University and North Carolina State University, and married school teacher Rena Bell in 1954.[1][2] He later had a civilian job at the United States Air Force base in Maine, and one at the NAS North Island in San Diego after having moved there in 1960.[1]

He lived in Clairemont, San Diego, until the death of his wife in 1982, and by the late 1980s had moved to Rancho Bernardo.[1]

In April 2018, he set out on a "No Regrets" tour with the goal of meeting the President of the United States and the Governors of all 50 states.[1] By July 2019, he had met 23 governors and President Donald Trump.[3]



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