Silver Lake (Oregon)

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This article is about the lake in Oregon. For the community in Oregon, see Silver Lake, Oregon.
Silver Lake
Silver Lake.png
Satellite image of Silver Lake
Location Lake County, Oregon
Coordinates 43°05′47″N 120°53′14″W / 43.09639°N 120.88722°W / 43.09639; -120.88722Coordinates: 43°05′47″N 120°53′14″W / 43.09639°N 120.88722°W / 43.09639; -120.88722
Basin countries United States

Silver Lake is a lake in Lake County, Oregon, United States. It is 6 miles (10 km) east of the community of Silver Lake. It is unknown who first gave the lake its descriptive name. Central Oregon residents attribute it to John C. Frémont, although no proof has been found, and he would not have seen the lake on his first visit to Oregon in 1843.[1] The Klamath called the lake Kalpshi, which may have been derived from the word kalapsh, meaning a decayed log.[1] The name was used because of the petrified wood near the lake.[1]

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