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Cook Motor Vehicle Company
Founded1908; 115 years ago (1908)
Defunct1909; 114 years ago (1909)
Fateconverted to automobile dealership
HeadquartersSt. Louis, Missouri,
ProductsHigh wheeler
Production output
unknown (1908-1909)
1909 Simplo Model L from article in Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal

The Simplo was an American high wheeler automobile manufactured from 1908 until 1909 by the Cook Motor Vehicle Company in St. Louis, Missouri.[1]


Cook Motor Vehicle Company of St. Louis advertised the Simplo as The biggest automobile value in America. Several variations were offered; air or water-cooled 2-cylinder engines and both solid or pneumatic tires. The Simplo featured a friction transmission, double chain drive and right-hand wheel steering on the runabout, priced at $600, equivalent to $11,540 in 2022.[1][2][3]

In 1909, roadster and surrey models were added, but after a year of trying, the Cook Motor Vehicle Company decided to become a multi-marque automobile dealership.[1]


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