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Sinan (Arabic: سنان‎) is a word found in Arabic and Early Arabic, meaning spearhead. The name may also be related to the Ancient Greek name Sinon. It was used as a male given name.

Sinan may refer to:


Pre-20th century[edit]

  • Sinon, warrior in Greek mythology who was involved in the Trojan Wars
  • Sinān ibn al-Fatḥ (10th century), mathematician from Ḥarrān
  • Mimar Sinan (1489–1588), chief architect and civil engineer for three Ottoman sultans
  • Khaled bin Sinan, pre-Islamic prophet
  • Sinan ibn Thabit, Mandean physician, father of Ibrahim ibn Sinan
  • Ibrahim ibn Sinan (908–946), mathematician and astronomer in Baghdad
  • Rashid ad-Din Sinan (died ca. 1193), known as "Old Man of the Mountain", one of the leaders of the Nizari Ismaili community in Syria
  • Atik Sinan (fl. died 1471), "old Sinan", Ottoman architect

Ottoman officers[edit]

Post-19th century[edit]

  • Hakan Karahan (born 1960), Turkish writer who uses pseudonym Sinan

Given name[edit]


  • Asif Sinan, Pakistani Indian classical and jazz musician
  • Sun Sinan (born 1988), Chinese field hockey player

Buildings, institutions and places[edit]

Chinese and Korean uses[edit]

The transliteration Sinan (unrelated to the Arabic above) may also refer to:


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