Sindhura Lakshmana

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Sindhura Lakshmana
Statue present beside Airport road, Hubli.
Born Sindhura Lakshmana
1898 (1898)
Theggi Village, Bilagi Taluk, Bagalakote district, Karnataka
Died 1922 (aged 23–24)
Nationality Indian
Other names Veera Sindhura Lakshmana
Years active 24 years
Known for freedom fighter

Sindhura Lakshmana (1898–1922) (Kannada: ಸಿಂಧೂರ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಣ) was an revolutionary Indian freedom fighter who engaged in violent freedom movement against British Colonial Government in India.

Early life[edit]

Lakshmana was born in Theggi village, which is now in Bilagi taluk of Bagalakote district in Indian state of Karnataka.[1]


During the time when Mahatma Gandhi's Non-cooperation movement engulfed the whole of India, Lakshmana started his own struggle against British by forming a band of five like minded men and started looting the tax money collected by the government treasury and distributing it among the populace. In 1922, he was shot dead by British with precise planning with the help of few local people.When he was in one of leader's home for dinner in night. During night they planned such that while having his dinner they sat 3 to 5 people side by side keeping him middle of them, British army came with fully loaded guns and they already communicated with person who is giving the food to shindur lakshman at that black night,The person who given information to British people holding oil lamp on exactly head of shindur lakshaman, British army came and shot him.

Sindhura Lakshmana is regarded as a hero and freedom fighter in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra and gained reputation and regards of people as he distributed the looted money from Government to poor people of the region. There is story that the people who had seen laxman says that he was physically so strong that he can jump the wall of about 9 feet height. When police were running to catch him. He was running so fast that he could board running horse and he was also able run as speed as rabbit.

In popular culture[edit]

He is still remembered as a popular rebel hero and freedom fighter in the Karnataka state. There are several films, plays and theatrical performances staged on his life and deeds.

A Kannada film Veera Sindhoora Lakshmana released in 1977 depicts his rebellion and struggle against the British Government.

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