Sinema (album)

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Studio album by Heideroosjes
Released 2004
Genre Punk rock
Label Epitaph
Heideroosjes chronology
It's a Life (12,5 Years Live!)
Royal to the Bone

Sinema (often typeset as SINema) is the eighth studio album by the Dutch punk rock band the Heideroosjes. "Damclub Hooligan" was released as a single.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sinema"
  2. "Psychic"
  3. "Why Does Everbody Steal My Hits?"
  4. "The World"
  5. "Damclub Hooligan" (Roelofs, Oscar Holleman)
  6. "Delete Me"
  7. "Mamelodi Melodies"
  8. "De Portier (Blij Dat Ie Blaffen Kan)"
  9. "Scapegoat Revolution"
  10. "Come Clean"
  11. "Dan Breekt De Hel Los!"
  12. "Ebersberg"
  13. "One On One"
  14. "One Way Ticket"
  15. "We All Share The Same Sun"
  16. "Euronoise" (Roelofs, Archi Alert, Ingo Knollman, Japo, Olly Riva, Pierre Mestrinaro)
  17. "A Bag Full Of Stories" (Bonustrack)

All lyrics by Marco Roelofs, except where noted. All music is credited to the Heideroosjes.


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